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Wave 2:
Microwave Hell Is Coming

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by Floyd Maxwell, BASc


First, a correction

In the first "Microwave radiation" article, I had stated that microwave radiation absorbing paint was $2,500 a gallon. It is actually $2,500 for five gallons. So, it is a mere $500 a gallon.

At this point, having brought levels down from the 1,000's to the 10's of microwatts per meter squared in my home, I am considering mixing up my own radiation absorbing paint.

The recommended maximum indoor level is
1 (one) microwatt per meter squared. Millions of times less than what ICNIRP recommends.

If I do I'll post the details here.

Second, new gains

We have ditched the microwave oven. Well, put it on the curb.

It was unshieldable, put out cordless-phone-to-your-head radiation levels, even a room away, and we had alternatives.

Our Panasonic infrared-heat toaster oven works great for many items. We throw in a cheeseless pizza and 10 minutes later it is ready to eat. Our regular oven takes almost ten minutes just to warm-up, so we are way ahead of the game there.

Re-heating tea, for those who can't handle breakfast, is as simple as throwing some in a small saucepan and warming it on the stove top for exactly 60 seconds. About the same time it was taking in the microwave. Can't beat that.

Microwave popcorn has been donated to one of the local food banks. Don't miss it, and they needed it more than we did.

Third, funny stuff

We had given a one-page letter to locally affected households, trying to warn them of the cell phone tower problem.

We couldn't reach everyone, so we stapled a copy to the utility pole outside. And countless people read it.

Well, after several months it started to look tired, the mylar film treatment gradually succumbing to the elements, so I updated the document and reposted it.

After adding a link to my "Microwave Radiation: A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing" YouTube.

Ok, I might have put it in the form of a short URL, with the name of the retirement complex as the short URL.

Next thing you know the brand new letter had been ripped down.

Mod that "-1, uncomfortably close to the truth".

Fourth, new threats

The "Internet of Things" just might be the most innocuous phrase of all time.

That is what they are calling microwave radiation emitting stuff now.

Like Wifi enabled lightbulbs -- there are at least three brands of those, so you get to pick your poison.

Or how about wireless-enabling...your air conditioner?

For those not content with controlling their home thermostat from their cubicle, they can now directly tap into their air conditioner itself. To check the freon level, I imagine.

No sign of what I slashdot-posted as the ultimate wireless product: the wifi enabled toothpick. I'll keep you posted.

This stuff would be hilarious, and awesome head-scratcher material, if they weren't serious about it.

Those lead goblets the Roman drank from look positively healthy at this point.



Fifth, cell phone fail

I ditched a Nexus 5 recently.

Ok, I should back up a bit to explain.

My most recent cell phone research had revealed that CDMA based cell networks use less radiation than GSM networks.

Briefly, CDMA is a newer standard than GSM, and doesn't blast radiation at full throttle quite as readily.

We had wanted to switch to Ting from our old pay-as-you-go's, and Ting uses the Sprint network, which is CDMA-based, so this looked like a reasonable move.

The Google Nexus 5 is the current Volkswagen New Beatle of cell phones, providing most of the whiz bang for the fewest green backs.

It all seemed reasonable, and doable.


I ordered one for my better half, along with the special Ting SIM card the phone would require. In the ensuing wait for the phone to arrive, I ordered another Nexus 5, plus SIM, for myself.

When her Nexus 5 arrived, I charged it up and then tried to get it working.

Long story short, couldn't do it the first day. Turned out to be a number transfer issue, that was resolved on day two.

But along the way, I unearthed a nasty can of worms.

Your EMF meter is still your friend

I had the Acoustimeter turned on and sitting right next to the phone while I walked through setup.

Pretty standard stuff, asks you a few questions, waits for your response.

What was not expected was for the Nexus 5 to be a major radiation blaster the entire time.

Imagine, you turn on the phone for "first boot". It goes through a long and slow start up. And for much of time it is loading up, it is blasting away with wireless radiation, trying to connect to the network.

It gets to the first "Press OK to continue" prompt, and while it is waiting for your thumb press, it continues blasting away with radiation.

I kid you not.

You say "Ok", having not yet even put in the SIM card, it trundles along, loading more stuff. And the whole time it is blasting away with levels of radiation that at times EXCEEDED microwave oven levels.

I clocked up to 100,000 microwatts per meter squared from this phone at one point. Levels one quarter that have been found to damage the blood-brain barrier.

Back went the Nexus 5

I spent several hours getting the phone working.

I minimized my contact with the phone by leaving it to "do its thing" and coming back to it, and by trying to shield myself from it with some mesh.

Still, by the end of that afternoon, I was wiped out. I was physically exhausted, my eyes burned and I didn't want a nap. I had to have a nap.

It took until 10am the next day before I felt that I had fully recovered.

After this experience, I realized that there are NO limits to the amount of radiation this phone can blast at you...provided it does not do this while you are on a phone call and have the phone glued to your ear.

Monster truck sized loophole, or what!

The Nexus 5 went from being the great white hope -- it comes in white, and black -- to being shipped back to Google the next day.

I also resolved to give up using my old pay-as-you-go cell phone.

I still have it.

It is charged up. It is in my pocket. And it is turned off.

If I encounter aliens, or a pot of gold too heavy to carry home by myself, I will dig out my portable radiation blaster and "set phaser to stun".

Otherwise, I consider that I no longer have a cell phone.

If you need to reach me, leave a message on my home phone. Or send an email. Snail mail still works.

Of course I haven't missed it at all. Seriously.



Things are much worse than I can imagine

Now you can see why I say that "Microwave hell is coming."

I'm not religious.

I don't tend to exaggerate.

I am good at risk mitigation and great at getting on with my life.

But wireless hell is coming to us all.

How long will it be?

How long will it be before you can't avoid "smart" appliances?

How long will it be before your child must use a "smart" gadget at school?

How long will it be before office workers are expected to be tethered to some kind of 21st century wireless ball-and-chain?

And how long will it be before we learn what a Pandora's box we have opened up?

Sadly, I predict it will take 20 years before we view wireless radiation in the same way as, say, asbestos. Or cigarettes.

The cancers are coming, the cancers are coming!

It is now impossible to overstate the wireless radiation problem.

We are in the process of going over Niagara Falls.

Paul Revere, where are you when we need you?



So I got a skateboard

When away from the keyboard, I care for people. Professionally.

One of the people I care for is of the age, and the ability level, to ride a skateboard. To rollerblade, shoot hoops and scooter.

So I bought a skateboard. Actually a longboard.

Always wanted one. Got one now. Love it.

This is what happens when you get "wireless" out of your life. You become ten years younger.

I estimate my "free energy" -- the amount of energy I have after I have done all my chores and "activities of daily living" -- has doubled since I tranquilized the death rays.

Self-medicating no more

One of the things "they" love to do to us is get us to buy more junk. To eat more. To medicate. And self-medicate.

Turns out this isn't that hard, once you make everyone feel like crap.

Well, this death march runs in reverse as well.

Cut the crap out of your life, and you get your life back.

Block the sleep-robbers, and you wake up refreshed and vitalized.

And then a funny thing happens... lose the cravings. Ok, maybe not all of them. We're not curing everything with one thing, people.

But you will crave less.

So long, pick-me-ups

I used to wake up, feel awful, and still feel awful after my morning coffee. Morning exercises didn't help much and some days had two nap minimums.

Now I have an average of one nap every two days.

Some of my "daily treats" are going uneaten, or half-eaten. Other daddy's-little-helpers have been discarded. Sorry, black licorice, I just don't love you the way I used to.

Water, fresh mountain water, tastes not just good but great, all by itself.

Exercise times have doubled, and tripled.

Most remarkably, I can almost shoot a basketball now. Turns out all it took was a couple hours a day of practice. Who knew?



The lies will get worse until the moral improves

On a technical forum, someone counter-claimed that the reduction in radiation by living closer to a cell tower was greater than the radiation increase.

My response was:

This would be funny if it wasn't so seriously wrong. Your phone is a SMALL source of radiation (close by, but "on" only occasionally). Those cell phone masts are a LARGE source of radiation and are ALWAYS on.

Our exchange was prompted by a March 30, 2014 article that talked about how Facebook was considering flying drones that could bring wireless connections to an entire city.

Google had a similar pipe dream of using blimps to suspend wireless transmitters "in the clouds" above us. At least they gave it a suitable name: Project Loon.

No one has admitted it, but I've figured out the reason for these seemingly ludicrous ideas.

If you have something 10 miles away from all of us, no one is too close, or too far away. Microwave radiation dosing is controlled, and we all decay evenly.

Front line soldiers are replaced by evenly irradiated sheep.

And those "pesky class action lawsuits" can be avoided.

The new lead, asbestos and fluoride

Is this "" comic what passes for humor these days?

I had someone say, in a slashdot post, that the most radiation sensitive people will soon die, and then we won't have to worry about such "complainers". The poster works for an Eastern college. I tracked down the college, and the human resources people, and emailed them my complaint.

They asked me what I wanted them to do.

If you have to ask...

Gun-ship diplomacy

Evidently, we have lost the ability to be civil.

To recognize when our inner Jackass has gone AWOL. now sells marketing advice.



And then there's bluetooth

I never talked about bluetooth in the original paper, so I'll give you the capsule summary.

Bluetooth is microwave radiation. But it is less, or even quite a bit less, than cell phone radiation.

If you believe the brochure.

Three tooth

There are at least three bluetooth standards, and things are still evolving, to say the least.

Take the Fitbit.


In the news a few weeks back, it seems that some Fitbit users got itching and even burns from their Fitbits.

"One man told NBC News that he recently noticed an itchy rash and a 'burning sensation'"

It is not surprising, considering that the Fitbit is made of surgical grade steel. That always causes problems. Wait, what?

Ok, never mind the itching. How did the burns happen?

It wouldn't be because microwave radiation has the ability to...uh...burn stuff, would it?

"kinda feels like when you burn your hand on the stove and that skin dies."

Product recalled (I imagine). The Press stays quiet. And no one learns anything.


I think I'll pass on those fancy bluetooth headphones.

Standard ear buds work. And have wires. Wires are good.



They don't care

There is a saying about laws, and sausages.

Something about avoiding watching the making of either.

Well, depopulation is also not pretty to watch.



"And now the news..."


Not my idea of cute

In February of this year, Wired ran a story entitled "These Might Be the Cutest Parenting Gadgets Ever Made".

Welcome to the age of wireless radiation parenting.

Yummy, yummy radiation.



"Doorbot is the Wi-Fi enabled, video doorbell that allows you to see and talk with visitors through your smartphone from anywhere in the world"


Oh, so THAT'S the way forward!

Wifi Forward coalition, wanting to expand wi-fi.


Panasonic gives, and Panasonic takes away

"Panasonic invents the world's first microwave-controlled ultra compact power converter"

"Just slightly ahead of our time" indeed.


Speaking of a better night's sleep

This article, "Body kills 'spontaneous' blood cancers on a daily basis" is only missing one bit of information.

The 'When' bit.

When you are able to sleep (and thus produce melatonin), you are able to deal with cancers "spontaneously".

I can picture the back room discussion. "Let's keep that information to ourselves. Can't have people figuring out what is good for them, can we?"

And I think to myself, what a wonderful world. Oh. Yeah.



That's one word for it

Comcast customer surprised to learn new router is also public hotspot

Evidently there are more than a million people now dosing themselves with microwave radiation, in order that Comcast may better dose their other paying customers with radiation.

Such a heart warming story.

"Comcast's broad scatterings of neighborhood and small-business Wi-Fi networks can function as a single network -- when someone logs on to one such network, they're automatically logged on to all of them, wherever they go."

Who says the news is nothing but bad these days!

The fine print

The letter I received talked about a new cable modem that I could order from Comcast. No charge. So free, you didn't even have to return the old one.

Wow! Sign me up.

Months passed. The dogs and I checked the mail each day.

Sad face. No shiny new modem today. Maybe tomorrow?

Then, just days before that happy delivery drop-off, I learned what was in that magical box.

You see, this spiffy new modem is more than just a modem. It is also a router. Routers route things. Nowadays routers route things wirelessly, if you let them.

Comcast was letting them.

Wanting them to, in fact.

Hoping to pay for the cost of their new free modems with the wonderful benefits of wireless radiation.

Free, home spun goodness. Your home is positively beaming!

As Brian Regan opined:

Can life get better?
I submit that it can not!

Shelved, then returned

I tried to talk to the good folks at Comcast about the not-yet-arrived modem turned router.

I wanted to know one simple thing. Could you turn the wireless off? Ok, two things. Could you have the device remember what you told it, so that when the power went out and came back on, wireless radiation did not.

Comcast responded to me by:

- transferring me to non-working numbers
- disconnecting me, after I had called back and tried again

By the time the box arrived, I had long since put away the party favors.

Celebration cancelled, the box was banished to the basement, unopened.

At least I didn't have to return Pandora...

Oh yes I did

Got the Comcast bill last week. Didn't need coffee that day, as it turned out. Just needed to see that second $8 charge and the "return the box and no one gets hurt" text.

I didn't need to be told twice.

Box went back on Tuesday. I threw in a microwave radiation rant at no additional cost. Comcast was so appreciative, they robot-phone-polled me last night. If I had known, I would have had them call my cell phone so I could double dose.



Dr. Strangelove

That movie has become associated with one thing in the minds of many -- a "side-splittingly hilarious" rant about fluoridation.

All well and good, provided fluoride is not a problem.

Interesting that the movie "Conspiracy Theory" has an anti-fluoridation rant as well.

At least you can't accuse them of hiding the truth. It is right there in plain sight, if we would only research the subject.

I'm dying to know what will be chosen as the microwave radiation "laugh riot" video.

If you need a second reason

I talked in the original "wave" about how insecure wireless is.

It hasn't got more secure in the mean time. In fact, even the latest wifi standard can now be cracked, according to an article I read this week.

Then there's this airport that sniffed everyone's Wifi data. Personally, I blame Canada.

Worst job in the world?

They are always seem to be looking for the "Worst job in the world".

How about "new cell phone set-er-upper".

We could tagline that episode with:

"All the radiation,
none of the 'benefits!' "

Win friends with boycotts

Boycott microwave ovens -- at your lunch restaurant, tell them you can not tolerate the radiation from microwave ovens, and then boycott them if they won't stop using it.

Post information in the break room about the hazards of microwave ovens. I'm sure your safety supervisor will be impressed!

Tell your "mom" friends to reconsider using a microwave to heat their infant's formula. Watch them give you a big hug.

"Just say no to wireless" tramp stamp, any one?



More news...


10 Reasons Why Handheld Devices Should Be Banned For Children Under The Age Of 12

"(9) ...possible carcinogen..."



Bluetooth Stereo Ear Warmers

Fear the ears!


Coming to a flight near you

Streaming flight data to the ground as a way to keep you safe in the sky. Thanks, airplane companies and safety people in the gubberment!


And a car near you

Audi announces In-Car LTE

LTE is the latest and greatest.

And fastest and bestest.

And the most wireless radiation you can drive.


LTE is so yesterday

Except for what the wireless companies bid on just last week. Doesn't have a cuddly new name yet but they have once again "bought more spectrum", increasing the number of channels of wireless.

American Gladiators should "stream" just that teensy eensy bit faster, in the near and wonderful future.

Group hug?

Why do my eyes hurt?


Think of the penguins

Hearing that there are power issues at the South Pole, this thoughtful slashdotter suggested:

"Why not [use] microwave transmission? Line of sight should be relatively easy to deal with over there. Not a lot of buildings in the way."

Brings to mind the looney moon-y idea of gathering solar energy...on the moon...and then microwave beaming it to Earth. I Floydcasted on this -- Episode 19 -- if you want a chuckle.


What to get the most interesting man?

How about a cell site on a backpack?


Onward and ever upward

Who doesn't want eleven times more radiation in the next four years?

"Demand for spectrum has outpaced our ability to innovate. The reason isnít for a lack of ideas. The wireless industry is pursuing plenty of them, including small cells, millimeter-wave spectrum, fancy interference coordination, and multiple antenna schemes such as MIMO."


All for one, one for all

This man says he can speed cell data 1,000-Fold

Man, what I'd give to be his tailor!


Expand, expand, expand

US coalition calls for expansion of Wi-Fi airwaves

"A newly formed coalition of US technology firms and advocacy groups called Thursday for the expansion of Wi-Fi, saying airwaves are getting congested for a key pathway to the Internet."

The new coalition calling for expansion of unlicensed, or free spectrum for Wi-Fi includes Google, Microsoft, Comcast, the Consumer Electronics Association, Best Buy, the American Library Association and the tech industry association CompTIA.


It's a miracle, no they are!

Paul Mitchell, of Microsoft, calls it "The miracle of Wi Fi..."

Turns out there is also a Miracle WiFi product.


What's taking so long!!!

Wi-Fi use is growing 68% a year.

There is now a group called Wifi Forward

Cancer cases set to rise by half by 2030

Cell Phone Dangers -- What They Don't Want You to See
What does he know? He's only a doctor.



Finally, a letter

Someone wrote to ask me what they can do, given that they need to use their wireless device every day.

Part of my reply:

"Your tablet, or any wireless device, when on your lap or in your hands, or five feet away, is a major source of microwaves. I returned a smart phone I had bought due to the super intense radiation it put out even when used at arms length -- levels similar to a microwave oven, continuously, for any moment the phone is communicating/exchanging information.

"I would heartily encourage you to used a wired Internet connection in your home. I realize this could become a new cost item for you. I would still recommend you do this."

"If you bought, or borrowed, a good microwave measuring meter, you could see for yourself how high the levels are. My own router, that I have now set up for wired connections only, puts out wireless radiation in the 20,000 range -- a level proven to damage the blood brain barrier."

And then, when they asked if there was a way to reduce the radiation while still being able to use their tablet:

"It would depend on what you are doing with your tablet. If you are, for example, taking notes then there is no radiation."

"Anyway, it might be feasible to reduce the radiation to some extent but honestly, it would be at least as much trouble as it might be worth."

"What I can suggest is this. Get yourself a meter so you know what the threats are in your environment. Try to reduce those threats. If you do (ignoring the tablet for the moment) then you are ahead of the game. And you will start to think about the whole subject. Also, if you reduce your wireless levels at night, and start to get better sleep and thus more energy and 'feel good', then it might motivate you to want to try other things."

"I would say if you are 'out and about' doing work stuff, then this is a time when using a wireless device makes (more) sense. It is generating revenue for you. It may not be ideal in all ways, but it is a necessary part of your business model, your revenue stream."

"I would cut out wireless (1) video watching, (2) reading of the daily news, or (3) large downloads. Switch these more 'optional' activities to a wired connection."

"It is a matter of degree, and of education. So try a smaller change. Also, know your levels and try to minimize what you can.

I concluded with:

"Microwaves are the new fluoridation. But potentially even worse, for at least some of the population, due to extreme dose variation. Fluoridation is positively democratic by comparison."



The pace of change

The news stories are just from the last three months.

The only good news is what has come from getting wireless out of my life.

"The miracle of Wifi" isn't.

Save yourself, and those you love. Before it is too late.

Good luck with your life.

Take care.



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