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by Floyd Maxwell, BASc


Some years ago I found myself running a small Vancouver hardware store [Good Neighbor Hardware] while my friends were in the Orient on a business trip.

I enjoyed having all the responsibilities: opening the shop, putting the goods out on the sidewalk, keeping things clean, and even the before and after hours shopping trips.

One morning I had just opened up the front door when I spotted a spider dangling from my arm. Caught in the middle of a large building, it had chosen its location very unwisely.

I proceeded to take the spider outside, but as I did this I quickly realized that there was nowhere outside that was immediately safe for the spider. After the wide concrete sidewalk, there was the main parking lot roadway, then a curb and finally a busy 4 lane road.

Okay, I thought to myself, resignedly, I'll take it to the nearest bush. And I proceeded to walk back to where I had parked my car. Past several stores. Across a side street.

With each step I grew more and more embarassed. Finally, as I neared the bushes I thought to myself, "Well, I sure won't tell anybody *this* story!"

At last I was at my car, where just in front was a nice bush. I knelt down to place the spider on the ground, already relieved to be ending this ridiculous caper when I spotted something.

There, right next to where I had just put the spider, was a quarter. I pocketed the quarter and grinned all the way back to the store!

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