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Spring-And-Loop Theory

by Floyd Maxwell, BASc


Chapter 0    Background

Chapter 1    What is it?

Chapter 2    Who is the author?

Chapter 3    Getting started / ground rules

Chapter 4    The four forces

Chapter 5    The Standard Model

Chapter 6    String Theory

Chapter 7    Spring-And-Loop Theory

Chapter 8    Redescription of gravity

Chapter 9    What is dark energy?

Chapter 10    Can Spring-And-Loop Theory be proven?

Chapter 11    The biggest blunder in the universe

Chapter 12    A new expansion model

Chapter 13    On light and aether

Chapter 14    What the future holds for black holes

Chapter 15    Branes and toast

Chapter 16    Thoughts on thoughts

Chapter 17    Late but great?

Chapter 18    Liberation

Chapter 19    Conclusion

Chapter 20    Last words


Revision history

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