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"Saying what needs to be said about the most sucky parts of physics"


A new concept appeared in physics, the most important invention since Newton's time: the field. It needed great scientific imagination to realize that it is not the charges nor the particles but the field in the space between the charges and the particles that is essential for the description of physicial phenomena.
- Albert Einstein & Leopold Infeld, "The Evolution Of Physics"

There are multiple instances of subterfuge in that paragraph.

(1) "Space" doesn't exista, but the S-word was successfully inserted while our attention was elsewhere.

(2) "Fields" lack a low level explanationb.

Fields bring huge (i.e. forever) benefits -- (3) fields will never be confirmed or proven, so the word will be usable forever, and (4) the door between mathematicsc and physics has been removed forever.

a The ether is everywhere, including all of "space"
b Spring-And-Loop Theory is the only theory that has a working low-level model. Due to sound assumptions.
c Math sucks

By the way, the Born-Infeld model of electron fields came out eight years earlier. Suggesting Infeld was the bigger field fan.


Page 41: Michael Faraday -- the least educated of all physicists -- invented the concept of a 'field of force' or 'field' for short.
- Anthony Zee's "On Gravity: A Brief Tour Of A Weighty Subject"

Modern physics is full of bad ideas. Each had an origin.

Each also had supporters.

Since bad ideas are the most profitable.


In thinking and trying out ideas about what is a 'field theory' I found it very helpful to demand that a correctly formulated field theory be soluble.
- Kenneth Wilson

One of the advantages of really bad ideas -- like fields -- is that there are many ways to prove them useless.

String Theory is proved useless because it solves nothing.

The QxD "unifications" (that aren't) weren't ever solved.

Field theories are (1) not fundamental, (2) introduce more problems than they allegedly solve, and (3) allow an endless series of math games to be played. On the government's dime.


Hypothesis is a tool which can cause trouble if not used properly. We must be ready to abandon our hypothesis as soon as it is shown to be inconsistent with the facts.
- W.I.B. Beveridge

tEmP theorists
never do this.



Scientists often invent words to fill the holes in their understanding. These words are meant as conveniences until real understanding can be found. Words such as 'dimension' and 'field' and 'infinity' are not descriptions of reality, yet we accept them as such because everyone is sure someone else knows what the words mean.
- Scott Adams

What does it say about fields -- one of the most fundamental concepts in modern physics -- when a cartoonist identifies them as the biggest problem in the room?



Particles, Fields And The Future Of Physics
- Sean Carroll [YouTube]

Sean's talk is the usual Standard Model schtick -- incredibly convoluted, explains nothing, leads nowhere good -- yet he's amazingly sure of himself.


Some writers, rejecting the idea which science had reached, that reefs of rocks could be due in any way to "animalcules", have talked of electrical forces, the first and last appeal of ignorance.
- James Dwight Dana

You can buy your very own framed copy of

"Electrical forces, the first and last appeal of ignorance"



The importance of Gauss for the development of modern physical theory and especially for the mathematical fundament of the theory of relativity is overwhelming indeed.

Also his achievement of the system of absolute measurement in the field of electromagnetism.

It is impossible to achieve a coherent objective picture of the world on the basis of concepts which are taken more or less from inner psychological experience.
- Albert Einstein

Here Albert is justifying mathematical fiction by saying it impossible -- not just difficult, mind you -- to figure out how things work on our own.

By the way, notice how Einstein's use of "psychological" makes our inner compass seem like a handicap.

Once tEmP theorists steered us away from common sense, the rest was easy.


The 'naked' electron is an imaginary object cut off from the influences of the field.
- Leon Max Lederman

The 'naked' electron is part of the QED garbage dump:

Since electrons emit virtual photons all the time, the net effect is that an electron becomes surrounded by a cloud or 'sea' of virtual electron-positron pairs and the positive charges of the positrons partially block or screen the charge on the electron. This reduces the effective charge and effective electromagnetic force, though this effect diminishes as one approaches closer to the electron, until the 'naked' electron is exposed and the full force of its charge can be felt. [Source]

"Virtual photons" were invented so that tEmP theorists could continue to avoid using the word 'ether'.

By the way, naked electrons are the only thing of value in the fictional paragraph above.

Making Mr. Lederman's attack on them all the more suspect.

Needless to say, Leon -- author of "The God Particle" (about the LHC) -- scored his very own Nobel prize.

Loyalty to the mob is always rewarded.


The quantum theory, as it is now constituted, presents us with a very great challenge, for in quantum physics there is no consistent notion at all of what the reality may be that underlies the universal constitution and structure of matter.1

Thus, if we try to use the prevailing world view based on the notions of particles, we discover that the 'particles' (such as electrons) can also manifest as waves, that they move discontinuously, that there are no laws at all that apply in detail to the actual movements of individual particles and that only statistical predictions can be made about large aggregates of such particles.2

If, on the other hand, we apply the world view in which the world is regarded as a continuous field, we find that this field must also be discontinuous, as well as particle-like, and that it is as undermined in its actual behaviour as is required in the particle view of relation as a whole.3
- David Bohm (1917-1992)

1 Replace the last 38 words with "is useless"
2 Replace the last 64 words with "there is an ether"
3 Replace the last 50 words with "we depart from reality"


The theory I propose may therefore be called a theory of the Electromagnetic Field because it has to do with the space in the neighbourhood of the electric or magnetic bodies, and it may be called a Dynamical Theory, because it assumes that in the space there is matter in motion, by which the observed electromagnetic phenomena are produced.
- James Clerk Maxwell

It is a little known fact that, just before James Clerk Maxwell came out with his famous field equations, he first came up with a low level model almost identical to Spring-And-Loop Theory's.

He walked away from it because he couldn't prove it.

Not because it was wrong.

By the way, "matter in motion" is wrong.

This is what happens when you walk away from truth (i.e. ether).

Everything that comes after is wrong as well.

In this quote we see that James Clerk Maxwell thought there was ether.

We can scarcely avoid the inference that light consists in the transverse undulations of the same medium which is the cause of electric and magnetic phenomena.
- James Clerk Maxwell, "On Physical Lines of Force" (1862)

James Clerk Maxwell was so very close with his low-level model.

Ah, what might have been...

The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.
- Charles Bukowski

There is nothing in the world except empty curved space.

Matter, charge, electromagnetism, and other fields are only manifestations of the curvature of space.
- John Wheeler

There is curved space if there is matter in the universe.

If there is no matter in the universe, then there is only uncurved space.

It serves no useful purpose to say that space is "empty", in addition to being factually inaccurate.

Everything in the universe is energy, including 'matter'.

The entire universe is brimful. Of energy.

Matter is not a field, and by the way fields suck as an explanation of anything.

Matter is lower energy than ether/spring energy.

'Charge' is springs (also known as neutrinos or electrons) in a non-static/non-empty system. Those springs, being the highest energy 'things' there are in the universe, want to push other stuff around. That 'desire to push' is 'charge'.

Finally, electromagnetism is a blanket term for springs/ether.

Gravity-shrunk nuclear space-bending causes an extra spring marble to fit in the box (and be able to roll around independently from the other marbles in the box).

NONE of these are fields.


We have known since the middle of the 19th century that the world is not composed only of particles. The world is also composed of fields. General relativity is a theory of the gravitational field. Because there are three sets of field lines, the gravitational field defines a network of relationships having to do with how the lines link with one another. This is why we call relativity a relational theory.
- Lee Smolin (1955-)

The massive problem with Lee's statement is that fields are not fundamental. They are not even actual things. They serve only mathematical purposes. And Math Sucks.

Fields are as fictional, and as destructive, as dark matter and dark energy.

As to relativity supposedly being a relational theory, Einstein originally called it "Invariententheorie" -- german for "Invariant theory".

It is pretty cringeworthy seeing Mr. Smolin assign incorrect meanings to Einstein's work.


A field for each of the fundamental forces and thirteen other fields governing matter.
- David Tong, "The Real Building Blocks Of The Universe"

Here is the summary from his most cited paper, "DBI in the sky":

We analyze the spectrum of density perturbations generated in models of the recently discovered "D-cceleration" mechanism of inflation.

In this scenario, strong coupling quantum field theoretic effects sum to provide a DBI-like action for the inflaton.

We show that the model has a strict lower bound on the non-Gaussianity of the CMBR power spectrum at an observable level, and is thus falsifiable.

This in particular observationally distinguishes this mechanism from traditional slow roll inflation generated by weakly interacting scalar fields.

The model also favors a large observable tensor component to the CMBR spectrum.

Gibberish like this shows how hopeless field theories are, and how corrupt modern physics is.

Yet David's nonsense has been viewed by millions of people...

It takes a village to pull the wool over the world's eyes.




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