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Floyd's Top Tips For A Successful Life

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Floyd's Top Tips For A Successful Life

-10- become self-motivated

Face it, you won't do a thing on this list unless you want to.
So this one comes first. Subscribing to Q9, my weekdaily publication
can help. Its free and will remind you daily to work on yourself.
Audio books can help you absorb what Jim Rohn or Zig Ziglar, for
example, have to offer. Self-motivation is the gas station on the
road to success. Gas yourself up and learn how to stay gassed up!
[And avoid the ultimate downer: the news broadcast. As Steve Chandler
puts it in '100 Ways to Motivate Yourself': "its not the news, its the
bad news". Each day by day, drip by drip, brainwashcast features the
dreggs of society, and enough flat-out lies to fill an Olympic swimming
pool with "experts".]

-9- develop cheap hobbies

Watch movies from the library, put together $2 Goodwill jigsaw
puzzles, ride a bike. Grow your own vegetables if you have that
gift. And develop an online voice with some thought behind it.
In a world full of critics, it can be refreshing to be calmly correct.
Learn to make things last, and learn to contribute things that last.
It will only cost you a few moments and might make the difference
in someone else's life. And that's a lot better than buying a speed boat.

-8- don't be in debt

Drive a $500 beater instead of a new car. Avoid the "buy your own home"
dream/myth. Learn to live within your means. And learn to appreciate
what you have. Lee Trevino, the great golfer, used one putter during his
entire hall-of-fame career. You will be swimming against the marketing
tide on this one, but financial independence is built on saving, not spending.

-7- take your vitamins

You already take a daily multi vitamin? Great, but learn more about
what each vitamin does. Today the "experts" are moving toward
recommending more Vitamin D and these days you will find 50% to 100%
more than the 400iu they used to recommend in those once per day pills.
I decided to up my daily dose of Vitamin D to 2000iu, as old gray beards
tend to need more and assimilate less. And I've also moved away from
Vitamin A (my multi vitamin has beta carotene instead of Vitamin A, with
the former not being bio-accumulative like the latter) precisely because
it is being added to so many foods, yet doesn't go away except when used.
On the other hand, don't impulsively jump for the latest great thing,
like Lycopene, a "flavonoid antioxidant" as one web site proclaimed.
"Zero trans fat" also sounds good, but that product is probably still
loaded with fat, is highly processed and will still end up on your hips.
It is what you don't eat (and what you are able to eliminate...see -2-
below) that matters more.

-6- try to avoid fluoride

You can check if it is in your drinking water and, if it is, you need
to purchase bottled water or get a whole house filter. But also you
need to know that tea is high in fluoride, as are many other foods, thanks
to sulfuryl fluoride, a government approved fumigant (banned in 2011,
they tried unsuccessfully to sneak it back again in 2013). Fluoride
is a mass-murderer that has yet to be identified as such by "the experts"
but seriously, how else do you think they are going to control us 'cattle'?

-5- smoking/drinking > sugar > coffee > cooked food

This is a progressive scale, from "must quits" to "would be good for
yous". You don't have to jump all the way to the right. In fact, I'd
suggest no more than a couple of jumps at a time. And don't worry if you
slide back occasionally. Currently I am enjoying Peet's too much to stop.
But I have quit for years at a time, and will do so again in the future.
You've heard it all before but are you ready to start a journey along
this path today? Today is the best day you will ever get. Luckily,
every day is today.

-4- go vegetarian

Specifically, avoid "blood" meats. Like the fluoridation issue,
this is one the "experts" get wrong. We are not meant to eat meat,
we don't need meat, meat is bad for the planet, have you seen how
cows are raised to slaughter these days? The more you know, the
less "good" beef sounds. Unless you are a doctor or drug company.

-3- drop milk

The big issue is not whether your milk is raw or homogonuked.
The unavoidable problem with milk is that the main protein, cassein
(making up 80% of all milk protein), is a glue. Nobody would tell you
that drinking glue is a good idea, yet there are thousands that will
tell you that drinking milk is. Check out and amaze yourself
as you read how many problems are directly linked to milk consumption.
[The case for/against soy milk is a little less clear but as an
alternative to regular milk, soy milk seems better.]

-2- senna

I've worked in the care industry for years and although almost every
client is on "fiber" (usually psyllium husks) and half are on
a stool softener whose active ingredient is anti-freeze (I kid you not),
the tool of last resort, when it absolutely positively must be
eliminated is...senna. There are many myths about it -- that your
body will build up a dependence on it (rubbish, you stop taking it
and your elimination returns to pre-senna level immediately) or that
it gives you gas (ah, you *have* gas, right now. And worse. Sitting
inside you. Trust me, you want the exhaust taken away from the engine
as quickly as possible. If the cost is a louder exhaust system, at
least the noise tells you it is working) or cramps (this is a dose-related
issue. Start small, be consistent and gradually work your way up.
I have way, way, way less discomfort with senna than without senna).
Bottom line: senna is cheap, effective and invigorating. And he
was one of the greatest Formula-1 drivers ever.

-1- change your name

You knew there would be at least one item on this list that you might
not be ready for, right? But don't make this it, lol. You can come
back to this one in a few days, or months, if need be. But if you
want the brass ring, you have to have at least a chance of success.
Without a balanced name you don't. Sorry. You might accumulate
money, but that is not success. Without a doubt the ugliest people
on the planet are also the richest. You might be able to pursue and
catch a few things, but ask Tiger how that worked for him. There is
much that can be said on this subject, but the average person has so
much resistance it is tough sledding indeed. For now I'll put it to you
like this: having a balanced name is like your house having a security
system while your neighbors' homes do not. In an ever more competitive
world, some will figure out that they need every advantage they can get,
that doesn't compromise their standards. Click here to learn more
about the biggest bang-for-the-buck upgrade you could ever make.

-Bonus- love

This one isn't about just you, it can't be forced and just count yourself
lucky if it comes your way. But it can be earned, attracted,
karma'd. Show loving understanding for others and be generous with your
time and resources. Resolve that you want to change the world, for the
better. Then set about doing it. At a minimum, you will be taking on
a project you will grow to love. And that is the very definition of success.


One characteristic of winners is
they always look upon themselves
as a do-it-yourself project.
- Denis Waitley (1933-)


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