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A Proud Music Discriminator

Can I ask you a question? Why is that so many people say they "like all kinds of music?"

I mean, what they are saying is that they don't discriminate when it comes to music. I find this an incredible statement, and quite unbelievable. After all, everyone clearly discriminates in every other area of their life.

For starters, we all discriminated as children against every vegetable we were told was good for us. Every piece of clothing that our parents said we should wear. Every movie our parents liked, every holiday place they took us to. Every friend they thought was "the nice type".

In cars, we chose the color, the size of the engine, make, model, number of doors, interior trim package and so on. In each case we clearly discriminated against one option, and in favor of another.

Each of us discriminates against one potential friend, and in favor of another. Against parts of the city, or types of work we could do.

We discriminate against violent movies (or we discriminate in favor of them). Same with smoking, drinking, driving fast in our cars or playing tennis.

We discriminate in every case. Yet so many of us say that we don't discriminate with our music...

To use the modern lingo, "whaddup with that?"

A clue comes from the context when we hear that dreaded phrase. It usually comes right after someone has said "I don't much care for...say...Prince". Immediately the nearest person to us has to pipe up (proudly I might add) with "Oh, I like all kinds of music.

What is going on here? Especially with the proud emphasis on "all"?!

Welcome to the revolution.

But against what? The sixties was peace, love, dope but today it is not at all clear what anyone agrees or disagrees with, nor why.

I think it is a revolution against life. Against intelligence. And against anything positive.

Music is the perfect lever to disrupt. Why else would we invest thousands of dollars in a 5,000 watt car stereo that can shatter glass? [Fact: 30% of students entering the work force already have permanent hearing loss.] Why else do we watch the absurd music videos on the "Much" music channel? Visually they have no artistic value in most cases, and the music in them we can get by listening to, er, just plain music. But we don't do this because we have been sucked into feeding a revolution against intelligence.

How strange for such a supposedly "green" age.

The liberal attitudes we fein in our music are consistent with the increasing liberalization of our attitudes towards politics, religion, and the activities of others in general.

We no longer care what political system you have, as long as people can vote. We don't care what religion you have, ah, period. And we don't care if you enjoy smashing yourself to pieces on a mountain bike or skateboard -- "Go for it!", in fact.

Why is this?

Personally, at this point I don't care to find out. I don't wish to get down in the gutter and ask each and every non-discriminator of music I meet what is wrong with them.

What I do care to do is exercise my right,
privilege and honor to proudly discriminate
in every aspect of my life, music included.

Life is simpler that way. Life has a point that way. And I can hold my head up as a person trying to make a difference in ALL ways, including and perhaps especially in the music area.

Discriminate today.

And let me know the latest tune you've dropped off your playlist.

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