Some of my own writings...


- 95 issues (to the end of 2015)
- 35 to 200 minutes in length


I am a warrior.  But only when it comes to truth. Freedom, as we have seen, can be co-opted
to do many things.  Some use it to justify their country's actions but that is not always
acceptable, as one person's freedom must end where another's begins.  So freedom by itself is
not the path because if we follow only freedom, then we will keep coming to a standstill
every time we bump into someone else's freedoms.  Truth, on the other hand, *is* the path.
Truth, by shining its beacon, unites us and points the way.  There is no bumping, no halting,
no opposed interests when it comes to truth.  Following truth is the path to true freedom and
we must learn to recognize, find, follow, and in fact be slaves to, truth.
   -  Floyd Maxwell (1957-)

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