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The Ether

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by Floyd Maxwell, BASc

The Ether
"We need it, Newton knew it"

COASALT to date

Spring-And-Loop Theory provides a uniquely clarifying lens with which to study how the universe works at all scales.

Regarding the speed of light, Spring-And-Loop Theory has been predictive, and revolutionary.

With black holes, Spring-And-Loop Theory has been able to provide additional explanations as to why light transmission is halted inside the event horizon.

With "Einstein's" equation, Spring-And-Loop Theory achieved parity with existing physics -- failing at a direct derivation but containing modelling building blocks beyond what any other theory has to offer.

When it comes to the ether, (also referred to as the "aether" or "luminiferous ether"), Spring-And-Loop Theory finds itself in an "army of one" situation -- battling not just a few but the majority of physicists.

The critical path

Spring-And-Loop Theory believes that the doldrums modern physics finds itself in are directly caused by it turning its back on the ether.

A well known rule of law is that you can't prove a negative. The defendent (without an alibi) can never prove she didn't do it, hence the "innocent until proven guilty" starting point.

Modern physicists clearly disagree with this law. Having tried to detect the ether, and come up empty, most physicists today say there isn't one.

The difference between atheist and agnostic comes to mind.

God said it, I believe it and that's that

An agnostic is someone who neither believes nor
disbelieves, whereas an
atheist disbelieves.
- William L. Rowe
As agnostic as most physicists would claim to be, they are clearly atheistic when it comes to the ether.

This is of no consequence, of course...unless there really is an ether.

There is a fork, but no spoon

Modern physics is at once the most tolerant, and intolerant, of sciences.

String theory, as ugly a theory as has ever been presented, is more than tolerated because....why? Well, because supporting it makes thousands of scientists a very good living. That's why.

The concept of an ether that light travels through is not tolerated...why? Because it hasn't been found yet.

Einstein giveth and Einstein taketh away

The timeline of luminiferous aether begins in the 18th century with the concept of luminiferous aether ("light-bearing aether"), or ether, as a medium for electromagnetic propagation. [Wiki]
The Ether: They love me :-)
"Since the development of special relativity, theories using a substantial aether are not used any more in modern physics, and are replaced by more abstract models."
The Ether: They love me not :-(
"It is ironic that Einstein's most creative work, the general theory of relativity, should boil down to conceptualizing space as a medium when his original premise [in special relativity] was that no such medium existed."
- Robert B. Laughlin, Nobel Laureate in Physics, endowed chair in physics, Stanford University Wiki
The Ether: He loves me not :-(  He loves me :-)
Einstein says that special relativity does not require rejecting the aether, and that the gravitational field of general relativity may be called aether, to which no state of motion can be attributed.
- wiki
The Ether: He tolerates me :-|

Behold, an Ether bunny, bearing gifts

For the past four hundred years, scientists have speculated on light, and ether.

Henri Poincare thought the ether might be unobservable but he considered it a "convenient hypothesis" and continued to use the concept in later papers. [Wiki]

Spring-And-Loop Theory takes a similar approach, going one stage further by coming up with a more realistic theory of what the ether is. And promptly harvesting the fruits such an improved theory brings.

Picking up speed, on the road less travelled

From the beginning, Spring-And-Loop Theory has maintained that the "ether" is pure energy, and is in fact the highest energy there is -- the spring-like energy of the Universal Matrix itself.

After wrestling with the gravity propagation problem for months, Spring-And-Loop Theory heard mention (in an Amazon comment) that gravitons were loops, and soon put it all together -- building on the Universal Matrix foundation by imagining how graviton loops could work well with the "ether" springs.

Spring-And-Loop Theory realized that the loop-spring interaction was what caused gravity, that the gravity effect was propagated through the ether (i.e. spring system). Unification of the four forces was the icing on an already pretty sweet cake.

Today, Consequences Of A Spring-And-Loop Theory would add that the ether could never be a solid, liquid or gas system because these are all spring-loop systems. All these years scientists have been trying to find/measure/confirm a "system" that is neither a solid, a liquid nor a gas; has constituents that are 1020 smaller than a proton; and vibrates at the speed of light -- no wonder it has remained so elusive.

A long-overdue aside

In May, 2013, five months after publishing Spring-And-Loop Theory, I read Lee Smolin's "Three Roads To Quantum Gravity".

In it, Lee outlined three approaches -- black hole thermodynamics, loop quantum gravity and string theory -- to a quantum theory of gravity.

Spring-And-Loop Theory had taken a fourth road. Where Smolin had identified the shortcomings of string theory, Spring-And-Loop Theory had avoided the mistake Smolin had made. He imagined a universe of gravitons, and Spring-And-Loop Theory imagined the inverse: a universe of energy.

For what it is worth, Higgs seems to have made the same mistake as Smolin. As have the Field theory people. Oh well.

You can lead a physicist to ether...

Life can be difficult for the lead dog. Yes, the view is always new, but if the other dogs are not leashed behind you, they will wander off in all directions.

Everyone doing their own thing was needed in the early days of the microchip but today companies are moving in lock-step toward a "wonderful" wireless world where companies monitor our every breath while we happily share our baby pictures in a hideous Windows 8 interface. Unhealthy levels of group think but healthy design decisions.

As complete and consistent as Spring-And-Loop Theory is, it has limited value to life if the majority of physicists are following inferior theories. On the other hand, it will be pretty hard for others to steal the credit for Spring-And-Loop Theory.

The lost years

Ah, what might have been...

Physics could have been completely different today. Several decades of mental growth have been lost. And far too many pointless mine-is-bigger-than-your's mega projects have been built, and publicly financed.

Did you know the LHC has an operating cost of $5B per year?

This lunacy is the result of physicists continually taking the path of looking through larger and larger haystacks for smaller and smaller needles (that have less and less value to science, or life). And they get paid, by thee and me, to do this.

Personally I would say the value of the LHC is -$10B per year: -$5B in money that could have been spent somewhere useful and -$5B for the damage of paving a yellow brick road to Wrongsville that future generations of budding physicists will follow with Boxer-like blinkers.

Ether jam

In the old days -- when we used to pride ourselves on our ability to cut down trees -- things like log jams were studied.

A theory was advanced that log jams were held back by a "key log".

This concept was later used by self-development gurus to encourage people to discover what their "key log" was, so that they could liberate their log and their life.

Spring-And-Loop Theory suggests we try the "there is an ether" key, and unlock our theories accordingly.

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For those needing a reason to drop their ether-hate, consider this. The Michelson–Morley experiments and I'm sure every other ether measuring experiment, had the same flaw. They all assumed the ether would cause waves (of light or otherwise) to propagate faster or slower depending on how they were moving relative to the ether medium.

I am not aware of any ether test that considered the possibility of the ether itself moving at the speed of light (as Spring-And-Loop Theory maintains it does). If they had, they would have recalled the Einstein thought experiment of riding on a beam of light and encountering photons coming toward the observer at light speed.

So how could one measure a speed difference based on relative motion, when Einstein's theory (or at least his thought experiment) says there can not be one?

It gets better

Interestingly, as I typed into Google: "Einstein riding a beam of light", and clicked the first link, I ended up on a page authored by chemical engineer turned physicist John D. Norton, who proceeds to defend the ether! How serendipitous.

There truly is more to the ether than meets the eye. In the time I spent today doing final research and writing, I have seen the number of interesting thoughts, links and articles grow in an almost exponential fashion. I hope I have inspired you to want to read further as well.

By the way, Spring-And-Loop Theory says that the ether (i.e. springs) are such small components relative to matter (i.e. loops) that the motion of one has little if any impact on the motion of the other (at speeds much smaller than the speed of light). Springs can pass right through atoms, like mosquitos through a tennis racket. Try to measure that.

Coming up...

Einstein built on the earlier work of Poincare, Lorentz and Larmor, discarding exactly the ether component of their theory before re-labelling it as solely his own theory. This was morally wrong, and also set physics back a generation or more. Consideration of why historians and reporters have given Einstein criticism-free status on this issue is beyond the scope of Spring-And-Loop Theory.

In the next talk, COASALT takes on a subject more respected, but even more poorly understood, than the ether.

Considered the weakest force, it has proven again and again to be a giant killer. Einstein tried for 30 years to figure it out, but never did. Feynman, hoping to contribute something more than being an allegedly entertaining physics professor, produced nothing.

Gravity is not responsible for people falling in love.
- Albert Einstein
Yes, he might be wrong once again.




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