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Spring-And-Loop Theory 3:


e = mc2

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by Floyd Maxwell, BASc

e = mc2

Launching a thousand books

Einstein's most famous equation is a bit like the Titanic.

No matter how hard one tries, it is difficult to exaggerate the size, the majesty and the impact this remarkably compact equality has had on physics.

What does Spring-And-Loop Theory have to say in the presence of such greatness?


Others came up with the relation before Einstein.
In his book "Physics of the Ether" (1875) he claimed that if matter is subdivided into ether particles, they would travel at the speed of light and represent an enormous amount of energy.
- Samuel Tolver Preston's wikipedia page
This was 30 years before Einstein published Special Relativity.
In 1900, Poincaré published a paper in which he said that radiation could be considered as a fictitious fluid with an equivalent mass of mr = E/c2. He derived this interpretation from Lorentz's 'theory of electrons' which incorporated Maxwell's radiation pressure.
- Henri Poincaré's wikipedia page
This theory was similar to Samuel Tolver Preston's 1875 hypothesis that matter and energy might be interchangeable. De Pretto's theory was based on his hypothesis that a mass traveling at velocity v has the potential energy proportional to mv2.
- Olinto De Pretto
, 1903


Einstein is infamous for at least one thing. Credit. Or lack thereof.

For reasons unknown, Einstein did not credit other scientists in his own papers. A substantial Wikipedia page exists solely to discuss this.

It is a worthwhile read, with sentences like:

In his History of the theories of ether and electricity from 1953, E. T. Whittaker claimed that relativity is the creation of Lorentz and Poincaré and attributed to Einstein's papers only little importance.
liberally scattered throughout the 12,000+ word effort.


For better and for worse, Einstein's equation is the standard today.

If Spring-And-Loop Theory is to convince anyone of anything, it needs to at least harmonize with the most popular of physics tattoos.

Let's give it a go, shall we?

Equation free zone

Spring-And-Loop Theory has no equations.

For quite a while it appeared this would ultimately limit the model's utility.

Time has proven otherwise.

Simple ingredients

Spring-And-Loop Theory says everything is composed of just two things: springs, and loops.

The springs are the energy component. The loops are the mass component.

But there has been a third component all along. The speed of light.

Spring-And-Loop Theory says that springs bounce against springs, with the net effect that spring-to-spring transmission happens at the speed of light.

Ingredients alone do not a cake make

With just three components, it appears that, once again, Spring-And-Loop Theory is almost too simple for its own good.

Other than pizza dough, what can you make in a three ingredient kitchen?

Let's dice up a bit of history before we turn on our oven.

Of atoms and rabbit holes

2,500 years ago, Democritus conceived of atoms. For the next 2,400 years, including 350 of Chemistry's 450-year history, atoms were about it. The "Einstein" equation had only this for background.

Rutherford's protons and neutrons were found in the 1920s, less than one hundred years ago.

Quarks, the next level down, just celebrated their 50th.

So it is today. Protons and neutrons are made up of two types of quarks, plus energy. In fact, 95% of the weight of an atom comes from this "energy of motion".

Spring-And-Loop Theory in a chef's hat

When mass becomes energy, it becomes a great deal of energy.

The 'Einstein' equation, in words, would be something like "a chunk of something, times a very large number, squared, gives you how much energy was in that stuff."

Spring-And-Loop Theory, in words, would say "an energy loop, when opened, liberates the springs that were bound to it, with these springs once again being able to move at the speed of light, in at least two directions."

Ok, there was one in the oven

Cooking shows are always a bit of a cheat. Even I could pull off a souffle, if I was handed every ingredient and each was already measured, diced and prepped.

Besides, to "save time" they always have the finished product ready to be pulled out of the oven!

But in the end the whole process works, and works well.

The map is not the territory

Spring-And-Loop Theory is not an equation.

It is a framework, a way to look at the Universe.

Perhaps the most important quality of Spring-And-Loop Theory is that it has yet to go down for the count. Even if it leaves us wanting more, at least the part we ate has not given us indigestion.

In other words

Spring-And-Loop Theory, today, does not directly derive the "Einstein" equation.

A disappointing result, perhaps, but Spring-And-Loop Theory thinks it can still make out the shoreline, despite the fog.

Returning to our basic premises:

  • there are springs of energy
  • there are matter loops (that are energy, stabilized) and
  • loops tie up springs of energy
Running the movie in reverse we get "loop disappearance means that previously calmed springs are free to spring once again, and they will do so in proportion to the speed of light".

The best we can do

Spring-And-Loop Theory has pulled a pre-Bobby Fisher.

Settled for a draw rather than an outright win.

Hinted at an equation it does not yet clearly derive.

Look on the bright side

The next time you look at your life and think "Why me?", remember this: if it was easy, you wouldn't enjoy it.

Thank goodness Spring-And-Loop Theory does not spell it all out. Answers lead to questions. Spring-And-Loop Theory portion control leaves plenty of food for other to consume, digest and utilize.

The "Einstein" equation was the car, the assembly line and/or the first plane. But today physics, like NASA, remains mostly on the ground, reduced to fantasizing about almost everything. Spring-And-Loop Theory -- stocked with 21st century wheels, frames and gears -- is ready to capitalize on a new craze.

Apply within

String theorists who find their faith wavering more than a little, might want to consider a change of venue.

Buggy whips gave way to horseless carriages.

Prospectors weren't the only ones who made money in a boom economy.

For now

Spring-And-Loop Theory continues to ponder why energy equals mass times the speed of light squared but does find area-rather-than-volume examples in nature.

With the exception of carbon, all chemical elements bond in two dimensions.

Planets, and galaxies, primarily occupy a two-dimensional space.

And gravity, grav-i-ty*, varies as the square of the distance.

COASALT rolls on

Consequences Of A Spring-And-Loop Theory is already anticipating a visit from the ether bunny. Yummy.

Thanks for listening.




* - a Peter O'Toole in "Goodbye, Mr. Chips" reference




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