Change your thinking, change your life!

Bio: Floyd Maxwell, Principal, Just Think It !

Hello fellow thinkers!

My name is Floyd Maxwell and I was born and raised in "Beautiful British Columbia", Canada.

Trained as a Chemical Engineer, I got much more interested in computers in 1983 and switched over. I work in software development, and created a few web sites along the way (most now defunct).

Thanks to my father, Jayce, I have had a love of quotes my whole life and have been collecting "only the good ones" for decades now.

When the Internet came along I started sending out archive9 quotes per day to an ever increasing number of my friends and did this for two years before offering archiveQ9, Misc9 and AAAmaZine to the world.

Twenty one years and 50,000 quotations later, YahooGroups forced everyone off...YahooGroups.

The intent behind Q9 is that each of the 9 quotes is aimed at a specific aspect of life: (1) piloting one's own ship, (2) the joys and traps of our associates, (3) humor and all things interesting, (4) the technical details of living, (5) the need to seek, find and promote truth, (6) home, family and responsibility to others, (7) philosophy, (8) success in all its forms, (9) giving back to others and to life.

My quote-collecting philosophy is based on not wanting to send trite, overly used or flat-out "wrong" aphorisms. If you've seen a quote too much elsewhere, you probably won't see it at all here.

Quotes I send must be (a) self-contained, needing no additional explanations or "insider" knowledge, (b) contain something of value -- whether that be a truth, a fresh angle or simply the credibility of the source adding to what most have already said on a subject and (c) they must be concise.

Despite having a degree in Chemical Engineering, and more recently becoming a near full-time a physics theorists, I am for sure not a stodgy academic.

I specifically avoid sending too many of my own quotes because that is a good way to become a target of criticism. I don't want nor need this, but most importantly neither do you! It creates a perfect distraction for everyone, stopping them from benefiting from "the wisdom of the ancients". I prefer to leave petty personality remarks to the media, as they seem to specialize in this area. After all:

Great minds discuss ideas,
average minds discuss events,
small minds discuss people.

Besides, we live in the most distracted age ever. I don't want to make it worse. I would much rather savor Jim Rohn's thoughts on discipline..."Discipline. If there is one magic key..."

I will slip in thoughts of my own, so keep your eyes open.

Even worse, I've been known to YouTube and Floydcast, so be careful what you click on.

Bottom line: I want to encourage, inspire and prod everyone, including myself, to think more, better, deeper, longer...and then to act. Action is Discipline's sister, and both are keys to the good life, to a life that leaves behind something of lasting value.

- Thomas Watson

- A special friend

To that end is Just Think It ! dedicated.


Floyd Maxwell

Change your thinking, change your life!